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Inner Compass Life Toolbox
Each modality or process can weave together with the others.
Or you may choose to focus on just one approach for recalibrating your own inner compass.
As a facilitator and guide, I take my direction from you.  
Where do you want to go? 

Your OWN Compass

Your OWN Compass Life IS an adventure! But whether it is a meaningful and joyful exploration...or a fearful and painful expedition depends on our preparation, our tools, and our skills. Let the adventure begin!


5 ELEMENT BALANCE Your life cycle is decoded through this organic and elegant system, foundational in Acupuncture and Feng Shui. This ancient art and science is a powerful system to discover integrity, balance demands, and dance with the changes in our current time.


FACE READING The features of your face ~ even marks and wrinkles ~ become a treasure map leading to your True North. Powerful, unique, fun, and transformational! Insightful for couples, families, corporate teams. See yourself and face life with new confidence and wisdom!


NLP Certified LIFE COACH Certified life coaching helps you live your life without blocks - free from incongruent beliefs and negative emotional reactions. Your life can now have a natural, effortless, organic flow towards your personal goals and desires. (Certified through Neuro Masters Academy & Bennett/Stellar University)


TimeLine & REGRESSION The past can be the key to a more meaningful future. TimeLine or Regression Coaching allows you to return to the original belief or behavior that is no longer in harmony with your current life path. This can even resolve issues from ancestral lines. Freeing and empowering, as you transform frustration into wisdom. (Certified by Neuro Masters Academy & Bennett Stellar University)


HYPNOTHERAPY & GUIDED IMAGERY Deep relaxation and focus gives the busy, chattering mind a little vacation while the soul does realigns. Clients are fully aware and in control of the experience. Quick and deep changes can occur, and the after-effect of feeling like you have spent the day in a spa is an added bonus. (Certified through Neuro Masters Academy & Bennett/Stellar University)


INTUITIVE ENERGY READER Some wisdom comes from a deeper source than our five senses. No matter what your spiritual beliefs and background, most of us have had experiences with the Spirit or "sixth sense." Passing on spiritual messages, helping clients develop their own spiritual gifts and guidance, and holding sacred space for healing and transformation is woven through all the work we do together.


ORACLE CARDS & TAROT A beautiful and time-honored way to gain clarity, inspiration, and perspective. Beautiful images and symbols help us to focus on perfectly timed direction, guidance, and insight.


CAREER PATH With nearly a decade of experience managing a staffing agency and teaching Workplace Success to college students, I have a passion for helping people find a meaningful career and life's work. Strength-based resumes, interviewing prep, workplace success, business & marketing plans, grant writing... etc.

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