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Inner Compass Life Coaching

What if you had a device that would give you all the right the "8 Ball"we played with when we were children? Something to warn us without creating fear or anxiety, heal broken hearts, inspire us with new possibilities, enlighten us with expanded points of view, direct us as we stand at the crossroads.

At Inner Compass Life, you will remember how to use that unique and powerful compass within. You've always had it. No one but you has full access to it. Yet throughout life, people have insisted that your particular compass must be defective. They disconnected us from our inner wisdom with  such phrases as  "Who do you think you are?" "It's only your imagination," "That's the wrong way," "You don't feel that way," "Big kids don't cry..." and the list goes on and on.

So it's time to reclaim that mysterious and miraculous and magical instrument within. Some people access it in their heart. Others hear impressions, see images, have dreams, write music or poetry, or paint pictures. Perhaps you may have hunches or gut instincts or feel it in your. How long has it been since you played with navigating your life? Let's discover together where your compass is buried, hidden, or locked away. Maybe it will need some minor re-calibration. But one thing is sure, your compass is forever true and waiting to be accessed to align you with the life you were born to live. Ready?

Debi Barmonde, Certified Life Coach

I love order, structure, statistics, research, and systems. But I also crave connection, freedom, adventure, and the mysteries of life. Long before I received my degree in Psychology, I knew I couldn't be a therapist - labeling and fixing clients clashed with my desire to explore their unique journey and empower them. Transformational life coaching was a perfect fit. My kaleidoscope toolbox of methods and modalities supports clients as they escape stuckness and suffering, understand their unique way of decoding and processing life, discover their super powers, and align with a life that is meaningful and rich and a perfect fit, navigated and aligned to their own North Star.


Why do we lose our way? Since childhood, we were taught and have come to accept beliefs about ourselves, others, work, family, and how our world works. Many of these teachings are powerful, true and meaningful. Other concepts worked for a short time, but are now outdated. Some were and are toxic and dangerous. Pain - either emotional, spiritual or physical - is a clear message that we are stuck in beliefs that are in opposition with our true and highest self. These beliefs are like computer programs that constantly run in the background, affecting our moods, feelings, relationships, self-worth, work, finances, and even our physical health. It is like navigating with a compass that is off, that needs to be re-calibrated.

Is is possible to reset the inner compass? Through a variety of modalities and proven processes, Inner Compass Life will assist you in letting go of unfavorable beliefs and emotions ~ easily and quickly. Together we will explore and discover the glitches in the system, gently release them, and then experience the freedom and clarity of navigating with an instrument aligned with your own true North.  The journey begins here!

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